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We will guide you from purchasing your device through its installation to implementing electronic document flow services.

Thanks to many years of experience, we represent a comprehensive approach to printing. In our offer you will find not only purchase equipment, we also provide implementation services including:

  • On site installation and configuration of the equipment
  • Consumables delivery
  • Implementation of electronic document flow services

What is electronic document flow?

It is a comprehensive system for processing and working on documents in the company. The purpose of such a system is to work on electronic documents, which brings significant benefits – reducing the cost of operating the company by reducing the amount of consumed materials (paper, toner), reducing the time required for paper work in the company, and security – the electronic document will not perish or destroy . It can be said with the help of electronic document flow, that the document that affects the company is „processed” only once – when scanning on a multifunction device. The document can then be archived and employees can work with it’s electronic version.

Find a solution for your business

In our offer we have a full range of printing solutions, from mobile printers, desk devices, large workgroups to powerful multifunction devices. Apart from the equipment itself, we also offer installation and implementation services for electronic document flow systems. For each of you, we will find the right solution to meet all your expectations.


By working closely with industry leaders, we have been honored with Platinum Certification for SAMSUNG Printers and HP Partner First Gold. We are also Canon’s partner in the electronic document flow system.


In our offer you will find:


  • Multifunction device
  • Laser printer
  • Inkjet printer
  • Scanners and accessorie
  • Ink and toner


  • Installation of devices in the Client’s location
  • Implementation of electronic document flow systems and printing services

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